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We bring cutting-edge experience via our in house Architects and Energy Advisors to design Functional and Elegant off-grid products.
Custom Homes Designed and Built in as Little as 8 to 10 weeks.

Net Zero Upgrades and Designs

Embrace Eco-friendly Living! Our Net-Zero Tiny Homes and Upgrades Combine Compact Luxury with Sustainability. Start Your Green Lifestyle Today!

Sustainability Commitment

We’re dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Our approach balances progress with environmental responsibility for a greener future.

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Our team of professionals brings expertise, passion, and dedication, ensuring excellence and quality in all our services.

Dream Small, Live Big: An Inspirational Gallery of Tiny Home Designs

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Discover the luxury of minimalist living with our diverse range of tiny and micro portable homes, trailered houses, and modular structures. Each of our designs is a testament to space optimization without compromising on style or functionality. Whether you're a minimalist yearning for a simpler life, an eco-enthusiast aiming for a sustainable lifestyle, or a comfort lover seeking a cozy retreat, we have the perfect tiny home tailored just for you.

Our offerings extend beyond standard designs. We specialize in custom creations, including but not limited to net-zero, off-grid, and luxurious models, all backed by comprehensive energy modeling to ensure efficiency. Our customizable options allow you to infuse your personal style into your tiny home, crafting a space that's uniquely yours.

From sleek, contemporary aesthetics to warm, rustic vibes, our portfolio caters to a myriad of tastes and preferences. So why wait? Reach out to us today and let's start the exciting journey of creating your dream tiny home!

Prices Starting as Low $29,500.00

Deck the Halls of Your New Tiny Home: A Smaller Space for a Bigger Celebration this Christmas!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our products redefine the concept of quality and efficiency in home design — exceeding even the stringent Canadian National Building Code standards.

Welcome to a New Era of Sustainable Luxury: How Our Tiny Homes are Transforming the Standard for Quality and Efficiency

Experience the Fusion of Sustainability and Luxury with Our Eco-Conscious Tiny Homes, Crafted to Exceed National Building Standards

Welcome to a new era of sustainable luxury living. Our tiny homes surpass Canadian National Building Code standards, offering you an eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Our designs are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, maximizing every square foot. While smaller footprints and 2x4 exterior walls can pose challenges to insulation, we strive to adhere to NetZero standards for unparalleled energy efficiency.

Aiming for air tightness of 0.3 ACH, our homes minimize heat loss and maintain optimal thermal performance. We work towards achieving effective R-Values of R22 or higher, and use triple-pane low-E windows to further enhance insulation.

Our advanced mechanical systems ensure optimal temperature control and indoor air quality, while our design considerations for climate zone 4a guarantee resilience in local weather conditions.

Embrace the luxury of sustainability with our tiny homes, where quality, efficiency, and style surpass expectations. Experience a home that not only meets your lifestyle needs but also contributes to a greener future.